Visual Effects Artist

Department: VFX

We are looking for artists who specialize in the technical side of visual art. VFX artist is responsible for generating 3D effects, compositing 2D effects, as well as combining footage with 3D elements into the final image. 


  • Handles a wide range of visual effect tasks such as particles simulation, flame / fluid simulation, 
  • Good communication skills with team, producer/coordinator, as well as other departments.
  • Able to work and solve possible issues independently, and open to exploring new methods for different challenges.
  • Strong knowledge in Maya, Houdini, After Effects. 
  • Artists with related experiences and fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

What We Offer: 

  • A creative and friendly working environment, with well-equipped facilities and resources. 
  • A big family with various talented artists strive to create high-end CG contents. 
  • Personal growth and experience gaining with varied project styles. 
  • Able to learn from experienced coworker and leads to improve technical and creative skills. 
  • Opportunity to work on internationally acclaimed titles and challenging projects.