Project Eternal

Cinematic Trailer


Asobimo Inc.

CG Director

Ryan Wong

Sound & Music

Vine Music Studio




Upcoming MMORPG – Project Eternal by Asobimo.

We are excited to work with Asobimo to create this action-driven, thrilling cinematic trailer.
Furthermore, it was an honor to be able to bring the art of Yoshitaka Amano to life in 3d.
Within 6 months of production timeline, we worked on the full production of the cinematic, from storyboard to the final output of the trailer, as well as conceptual illustrations for the promotion of the game.
Watch the making of Eternal here!


Director: Ryan Wong
Project Manager: Siu Gi, Youmi
Production Coordinator: AnnNee
CG Supervisor: TarHoay
Storyboard Artist: Eugene Low
ColorKey Artist: Ting En
Concept Artist: Eugene Low, Benjamine Low
Matte Painting Artist: Eugene Low
Character Modeler: ManLok, Bros Chan, Leone Han, DiHang, Fong HoeMun, Rafael Chew, Nicholas Cham, WaiYip, EuZeeng
Environment Modeler: Tracy Chung, Kyu, Ian Lau, Bros Chan, Grace Tan
Rigger: KuanSian, Steven Young, Ng BoonWei
Animator: YwinWei, Adrian Phang, JiaWei, JunHan, ChekSin, Bernard Tang, KokFai, Presston Chua, Jacob Lim, PeiQi, Stephanie Kua
Assembly Artist: Alden Law, Khoo ChongLey, Ian Lau, ZiXian
Hair Sim. Artist: SiewKuen, Alden Law, KahHow, XiaoWen
Cloth Sim. Artist: ChengMun, Alden Law, KaiEn, TengSiang, WaiMun
VFX Artist: Choon, ChiaWooi, HaoYee, SiewChing
Light & Comp Artist: TarHoay, Bros Chan, WaiYip, Fong HoeMun, Grace Tan, Leone Han, ManLok, Tohiro, Rafael Chew, DiHang