Rogue Company: Runway

Cinematic Teaser


Hi-Rez Studios


Eugene Low

CG Supervisor

Joycelyn Yeoh



Rogue Company: Runway Cinematic Teaser

Runway is a seasoned Rogue Company weapons dealer, watch her story brought to life in this cinematic teaser!

We are excited to work with Hi-Rez Studios again to create more real-time cinematics for the game Rogue Company. In 2 months of production timeframe, we worked from storyboarding, all the way to final delivery. 



Director: Eugene Low
CG Supervisor: Joycelyn Yeoh
Production Coordinator: Alden Law, Camille Koh
Concept Artist: Eugene Low (storyboard, animatic, key art, colorkey, bg concept), Reuel Tan (key art, matte painting), Ben Low (animatic), Tang JingKang (concept art)
Modeling & Texturing Artist: Kenny Chow, Tan ZiXian, Shio SoonYou, Sam Loo, Yong BingYaw, Fong HoeMun
Environment Artist: Tan ZiXian, Shio SoonYou, Yong BingYaw
Rigging Artist: Tan LihHaur, Ng CheeKeong, Tan KuanSian
Animator: Lai KokFai (lead), Chong ChunYong (lead), Roxas Wong, Presston Chua, Philip Oh, Chong JiaWei, Chin PeiQi, Ng JunHan
Maya Cloth Sim. Artist: Leong ChengMun (lead), Mah TengSiang
Hair Sim. Artist: Hor SiewChing
Houdini VFX Artist: Aion Lee
UE4 VFX Artist: Hor SiewChing, Kenny Chow
UE4 Technical Artist: Kenny Chow
Light & Comp Artist: Hor SiewChing, Kenny Chow, Tan ZiXian, Sam Loo, Shio SoonYou, Yong BingYaw