Smite: Baba Yaga

God Reveal Trailer


Hi-Rez Studios


Eugene Low

Project Coordinator

Annee Cheah


SMITE: The Witch of the Woods, Baba Yaga Teaser Trailer.

Baba Yaga is the newest addition and one of the most anticipated god in SMITE. It was a really fun project produced for our client, Hi-Rez Studios.
We have been given the creative freedom to craft the entire cinematic including idea generation, storyboarding, all the way to final delivery within 2 months of production time.
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Director: Eugene Low
Production Coordinator: AnnNee
CG Supervisor: TarHoay
Storyboard Artist: Eugene Low
ColorKey Artist: Ben Low
Animation Director: Kok Fai
Modeling Artist: DiHang (Lead), ManLok, Tracy Chung, Grace Tan, EuZeeng, Rafael Chew, WaiYip, KahHow, ZiXian, Ian Lau, MyanWei
Rigging Artist: KuanSian, CheeKeong
Animator: Adrian Phang,  Presston Chua, PeiQi
Hair Sim. Artist: SiewKuen
Cloth Sim. Artist: TengSiang
VFX Artist: Choon, ChiaWooi, HaoYee, SiewChing, SiewKuen
Light & Comp Artist: ManLok, DiHang, Tracy Chung, Grace Tan, EuZeeng, Rafael Chew, WaiYip, KahHow