Smite: Cliodhna

Cinematic Trailer


Hi-Rez Studios


Eugene Low

CG Supervisor

Ow TarHoay



SMITE: Cliodhna, Queen of the Banshees

There’s nowhere to run… There’s nowhere to hide… Cliodhna, Queen of the Banshees, has arrived, and her ear-piercing shriek echoes across the Battleground! 

We are thrilled to present another cinematic trailer for Hi-Rez Studios’ SMITE, this time introducing Cliodhna, the Queen of the Banshees. 

With the trust from our client, we worked from pre-production to final delivery of the cinematic in less than 3 months, to bring the chilling story of Cliodhna to life. 


Director: Eugene Low
Project Manager: Leong ChengMun
Production Coordinator: Cheah AnnNee, Angel Lim (assistant)
CG Supervisor: Ow TarHoay
Concept Artist: Eugene Low (storyboard, animatic, concept art, matte painting), Reuel Tan (key art, colorkey), Tang JingKang (concept art), Crystal Leaw (matte painting), Lee TingEn (concept art, matte painting, lighting QC)
Character Artist: Chong ManLok (lead), Tan DiHang, Nicholas Cham, Rafael Chew, Sonia Seow, Sylvia Choy
Environment Artist: Tracy Chung, Yap JianLeng, Kyle Tew, Jerry Yeoh, Grace Tan, Slayne Yew, Tan DiHang, Fong HoeMun, Khoo ChongLey
Rigging Artist: Steven Young, Surya Ardhana, Ng CheeKeong
Animator: Chong ChunYong (lead), Lim YwinWei, Ng ChekSin, John Kheng, Presston Chua, Yap PeiQi, Roxas Wong, Chong JiaWei, Philip Oh
Hair Sim. Artist: Lee SiewKuen, Sonia Seow, Sylvia Choy
Cloth Sim. Artist: Chew ChiMing
VFX Artist: VoonChoon (lead), Lee SiewKuen, Tong HaoYee, Lee ChiaWooi, Oliver Low, Hor SiewChing
Assembly Artist: Chua YiYang, Ian Lau
Light & Comp Artist: Chong ManLok, Tan DiHang, Nicholas Cham, Rafael Chew, Fong HoeMun, Jerry Yeoh