WWII Diorama

Real-Time Cinematic Reel

CG Supervisor

Ow TarHoay

Sound & Music

Vine Music Studio



Real-Time Game Asset Cinematic Reels

In this project, our aim is not only to create a set of high-end modeling in real-time, but also to bring them to life through a series of diorama cinematic clips.

Uses Quixel Megascans (TM), Copyright (c) – 2021 Epic Games, Inc.


CG Supervisor: Ow TarHoay
Concept Artist: Eugene Low, Ben Low, Reuel Tan
Modeling Artist: 
Sam Loo (soldier, dragon)
Peter Kong (Tank)
Tan ZiXian (Weapon, tank props, environment) 
Yap JianLeng (Dragon, tank props) 
Oo KangYong (environment)
Lighting Artist: Tan ZiXian
Rigging Artist: Tan KuanSian
Animator: Chong ChunYong, Chong JiaWei, Lai KokFai
VFX Artist: Hor SiewChing