Project: DRIFT

Animated Teaser Short 


Parallax Studios


Lord Danger

Animation Supervisor

Geoff Wheeler

CG Director

Tar Hoay



Project: DRIFT

We are thrilled to take part in the production of Drift, from modelling, animation, vfx, lighting & rendering, to compositing.
The production of Drift is fun and exciting, especially when we had the opportunity to work with a professional break dancer for the motion capture.
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Animation Supervisor: Geoff Wheeler (Parallax Studios)
CG Director: Tar Hoay
Production Coordinator: AnnNee, SiuGi
Concept Art / Colorkey: Benjamine Low
Character Modeler: TarHoay, ManLok, Alden Law, Nicholas Cham, WaiYip, Rafael Chew, DiHang
Environment Modeler: Tracy Chung, Grace Tan, Khoo, Ian Lau, Kyu
Rigger: KuanSian, Mihu Ng
Animator: YwinWei, KokFai, Presston Chua, Bernard, ChekSin, PeiQi, Adrian Phang, Jacob Lim
Assembly Artist: Alden Law, YiYang, Ian Lau, CheeKeong
Cloth Sim. Artist: TengSiang, WaiMun, Alden Law
Hair Sim. Artist: SiewKuen, Alden Law, JeeWon, EuZeeng
VFX Artist: VoonChoon, ChiaWooi, HaoYee, SiewChing
Light & Comp Artist: TarHoay, Kyu, Tohiro, DiHang, WaiYip, SiewChing,Stevan Lee Boon Han, Tan Yien Jieh, Tan Xiaowen.